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Asiasis 지 소개된 당사 NAVIOS MR ECO 신조 기사내역
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2013년 5월 27일 발행된 당사 NAVIOS MR ECO 신조 ASIASIS지 기사내역을 아래 및 유첨과 같이 소개합니다.


Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering of Korea has inked a contract for a pair of 51,200 dwt ECO DESIGN MR chemical tankers with Greek owner Navios for delivery in the second half of 2014. The Korean shipbuilder has been praised for its vessels built in high quality with differentiated specifications, which are in line with the current trend of newbuilding market. Amid shipowners’ growing pressure on operations due to oil price spikes, Dae Sun developed high efficiency vessels which could reduce production costs. Dae Sun had won an order for construction of seven MRs from Navios and delivered four units successfully with the rest three to be scheduled for delivery within this year. This additional newbuilding contract is seen as a result from its close relationship with the owner, steady development of fuel-saving vessels and good reputation received in charter market. Meanwhile, the builder had scored four fuel-saving MR PCs from Aegean of Greece and it officially announced the first construction of ECO MR PC with a Keel-laying ceremony held in April. Dae Sun is expected to secure its firm status in high-value vessel market going forward.


본 기사의 저작권은 ASIASIS에 있습니다.