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DAESUN Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 1945, has been walking a single path of the Korea's Shipbuilding Industry, along with Korean shipbuilding history based on technology development and quality even in tough shipbuilding market environment.

In the difficult shipbuilding market in recent years other special ships such as purse seiner, fishing guidance ships, and training ships, as well as feeder containers and tankers, have been built, building unrivaled results based on technology and quality, proving to be Korea's leading mid-sized shipyard. Especially four of coastal Car Ferries have been delivered so far these continuous efforts and accumulated technical background are an overwhelming driving force of DAESUN.

Now, we will prepare new technologies for the future and strive for better quality and customer satisfaction than today. We will continue pledge our unrelenting efforts for all those who support to DAESUN.

President M.C.KWON