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  • Contract

    STEP 01. Contract

    Signing shipbuilding contract.

  • Design

    STEP 02. Design

    The design of a ship is worked out by the 3D CAD system. Design phase consists of basic design, detail design and production design.

  • Steel Pretreatment & Cutting

    STEP 03. Steel Pretreatment & Cutting

    Steel materials are stored in the steel material storage yard after being unloaded form the truck ans sorted by size. After shot blasting and shop priming, then the steel materials are fed to cutting shop.

  • Assembly

    STEP 04. Assembly

    The steel plates ard assembled to a block by welding.

  • Outfitting

    STEP 05. Outfitting

    Various kind of outfitting components such as pipe, electric wire, equipment and machinery are installed on the process of block assembly before erection.

  • Painting

    STEP 06. Painting

    In the painting shop, the surface of block is to be treated in accordance with the paint specification, and painted.

  • Erection

    STEP 07. Erection

    Assembled and painted blocks are erected on the berth using crane as the final process to build ship's hull.

  • Launching

    STEP 08. Launching

    The finished hull is sliding into the sea.

  • Sea Trial

    STEP 09. Sea Trial

    Once the construction of the ship is completed. overall performance of the ship is tested under actual navigation condition in the presence of the buyer and surveyor at shipyard quay and sea.

  • Delivery

    STEP 10. Delivery

    Upon successful completion of tests and trials, the ship is to be delivered by the builder and accepted by the buyer after signing on protocol fo delivery and acceptance.